As Fall Celebrations End, We Look To The Christmas Season

Thank you to everyone for making our "Hometown Teams" Smithsonian exhibit and Slater Hall-O-WEEN celebrations a success! Now we look forward to our last event of the year, Our community's Annual Christmas Parade. This year's theme is "Bringing Back Christmas Traditions." Following the parade we will have the awards ceremony and reception at Slater Hall. Santa will also be in attendance to visit with the children.

Slater Hall Citizens' Committee

The Slater Hall Citizens' Committee is a group of concerned local area residents dedicated to the restoration of the Slater Hall property. Initially formed in 2005, the committee is comprise of people from all walks of life—long time residents, as well as people new to the area that want to see this historic property restored.

We are a recognized non-profit organization entirely dedicated to raising community awareness and financial support through fund raising efforts, securing government monies, and corporate sponsorship. We sponsor multiple community events throughout the year including a summer concert and annual Veteran’s Day Classic car show.

SHCC is dedicated to the revitalization of the building, the property and the community is serves. The Slater Hall Citizens' Committee envisions the day when this historic building can once again serve the “social hub” of the community.

Get Involved!

The Slater Hall Citizens' Committee is comprised of entirely of volunteers, and we are happy to recieve new volunteers. The Committee meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm at Slater Hall. The planned dates are as follows, but meetings are occasionally changed due to upcoming events or unforeseen conflicts. If you would like to volunteer, but cannot make it to the regularly scheduled meetings, or want an update, E-mail us.

Our 2015 Dates are November 19th, December 17th. 2016 Meeting dates will be confirmed during our December meeting.

Event Information